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In my profession as a graphic designer I have worked with photography for many years, and I have also worked with my own pictures. I prefer to work in black and white with strong contrasts, noise and darkness. It is said that we dream in black and white, and that is perhaps how you can interpret my pictures ... as little glimpses of dreams. I hope you will appreciate them.

Most images are in 50x70 or 70x50 cm and printed on high gloss quality paper, other standard sizes can be ordered in.

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This site is only temporary. I will be adding pictures over time. When the final web page is published, this will be announced here.

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Brick house and shadow

Hedges and leaves

Clouds and wheat field

White sail

Tree and snow


Jetty and snow


Rope and water pump

Deserted shed and meadow

Tree by the water

Tomato plant

Animal skeleton

Still life


Animal cranium

The New York High Line

Clouds over Gotland desolate landscape

Dark trees and sea

Clouds and a small creek

Clouds and a lonely road

Old shack

Gear shift skull

Rauk rock

Rock at the sea


Water drops on leaf

A road along the sea

Rose #1

Woman dummy torso

Feathers at the beach

Rose #2

Fire escape and man

Brick house


Man feeding seagulls

Kid with little sister

Bitte in Paris



Cat in window

Grey landscape, Furillen, Gotland

Dog in window

Boy with boat, Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris


Old defence tower

Abandoned limestone quarry

Smoking cab driver

Two horses

Woman looking at an elephant in Berlin

Florida pool party


Windy tree

White and black escalator

Drapery department store

Lunch hour in Nice

New York morning

New York steam



Water drops on branch

White waves, black sea

Water Ripples

Williamsburg Brigde

More pictures will be added over time.

All content at this web page Copyright © Jonas Sahlström 2020